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2014-2015 Staff Directory - under construction

This page is currently being updated for the new school year and names will soon be linked to e-mail addresses. In the meantime, please use the format to send an e-mail.



Andrea Landes, Principal

Denise Jackson, Learning Specialist

Sarah Sage, Dean of Students

Betsy Draggoo, Language Arts


Lisa Crinklaw, Title Teacher

Donna McBride, Administrative Secretary

Laurie Sjolund, Early Learning

Leslie Martinez, Building Secretary

Tara Bohl, Behavior Specialist

Karen Harris, Health Technician

Megan Anderson, Music

Cynthia Flowers, Registered Nurse

Mark Holme, P.E.


Deborah Shaffer, Psychologist


Hilary Morland, SLP

Janice Harlor

Amanda Brock, SLP




Library Teacher

Jody Iverson

Betsy Draggoo

Jennifer Lundh


Jenna Hufschmid



Tawny Rendahl

First Grade


Randi Charron


Tami Miller

Lori Bates


Shelly Brown

Second Grade

Kristi Budnick

Andra Bowman

Leigh Fassett

Rachel Richou

Christin Harris


Angie Kaelin

Second/Third Grade

Debbie Ottwell

Jennifer Miller

Debbie Petcovic



Third Grade

Leah Ramberg

Kara Spane

Jennifer Reedy

Heather Holte/Lisa Crinklaw

Mary Snyder


Rose Striplin

Fourth Grade

Bobbie Sumpter

Jessie Weber/Rebecca Bunker

Kelsey Svaren

Jeremy Martin




Fourth/Fifth Grade

Jerry Taylor

Russ Anderson




Fifth Grade

Food Service

Lisa Lamoureaux

Staci Woods

Robin Zenisek

Barbara Swanson





Theresa Trupp


Cindie Winder


Shannon Thompson



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