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Family Access

To make it easier for families to be involved in their child's education, we provide a Web-based tool to view student information anytime by using Family Access! Families can view class schedules, grades, attendance, fines, fees, lunch account balances and other student information.

Our student information system, known as Family Access, is linked from every school Web page. To use this software you need to have a user login and password available from your school. The login and password assigned to you will work for all the children in your household, regardless of grade level or school of attendance.

Lost your password or login? Need to update or change your child's information? Questions about grades, missing assignments or homework?

Please contact your child's school for assistance!

Below are instructions for using Family Access, for updating information in Skylert and paying student fees and fines. Click on the links below to view the full instructions. Instructions will automatically open in a new browser window to allow you to make changes or enter information into Family Access while viewing the instructions.

Using Family Access

Online Payment for Student Meals

Online Free or Reduced Meals Application

Paying Fees and Fines

Skylert Notifications


Directions for Using Family Access

Click on the Family Access link from any school Web page:

To Login: At the login screen, enter your login and password. If you do not receive a password, please contact your child’s school.

To update your information: When you login, you will be prompted to add your e-mail address if the district does not have one on file. You may also change your password from this screen.

Student Information: All information can be accessed by clicking on the links on the left hand side of the screen.

Grades: If Family Access isn't showing your child's grades, click on the school drop down menu and choose the correct school.

printabledirectionsforusingfamilyaccess Printable Directions for Using Family Access

Online Payment for Student Meals

As a convenience to families, Sumner School District now provides an easy way to add money to your child’s food service account.  Online payments can be made into food service accounts through the Family Access.  RevTrak, a national credit card payment processor, is providing a secure site for making payments.

Families can make online payments from home or work, 24/7.  If your child’s food service balance is low, it only takes a few minutes to add money to it using your VISA or MasterCard credit or debit card.  Payments are made your Family Access account.

Family Access Meal Payment Instructions

Online Free or Reduced Meals Application

You can add an application for free or reduced meals through the Applications Tab in Family Access. When you submit an application for free or reduced meals, the information you provide is confidential and is only seen by the Food Service department. Access to the Applications tab may vary by the school that your child attends, however you only need to fill out one application that includes all members of your family.

The printable instructions below will walk you through the steps that are necessary to complete the Online Meal Application in Family Access. If you have any questions or need assistance, please call Child Nutrition Services (253) 891-6450.

mealsapplication Printable Directions for Free or Reduced Meals Application

Skylert Notifications

The District and all schools now have capability to send notifications about attendance, general messages and emergency alerts by phone, e-mail or text messages. All families should log on to Family Access to update their contact information and select preferred messages. Families will choose the phone number to which general and emergency messages will be sent (home, work or cell phone), with additional options for the message to also be sent by e-mail or text.

Updating Skylert
Within Family Access parent and guardians have the ability to specify the e-mail addresses and phone numbers that will be used when receiving Skylert general and emergency notifications. Please be aware the only the first guardian in Family 1 and Family 2 will be able to change information contained within the “Primary Guardian” area. However, all guardians in Familiy 1 and Family 2 can change or edit information within any additional field not contained in the “Primary Guardian” area.

Family 2 must to opt in and enter all information in Skylert to receive notifications. Family 2 information entered in Skylert does not update Family 2 information in the student record.

To change/edit Skylert information, please login to Family Access, click the Skylert link on the left-hand side, and refer to the printable directions below for updating Skylert.

Please allow 24 hours for changes to be updated. Information entered in Skylert contact information will not update your child's record at the school.

Printable Directions for Updating Skylert

Paying Fees and Fines

You are now able to pay student fees and fines online. Login to Family Access, click the TouchBase link on the left-hand side under District Links. The tool will ask you to re-enter your Family Access password for verification.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I pay open fines for my child?
Click the "Your Students" button. Select a student from your list. On the right of the page, select "View Open Fines" from the list of links. Click the checkboxes of the fines you'd like to pay, and click the "Pay Selected Fines" button. The fines you have chosen will be added to your shopping cart.

How do I find the activities for which my child is eligible?
Click the "Your Students" button. Select a student from your list. On the right of the page, select "View Athletics & Activities" from the list of links. From here you will be taken to a list of athletics and activities for which your student is eligible. If your student is missing any required forms, you can print them out by clicking on the "View Requirements" link. Print out the forms, fill them in, and turn them in to the school.

How can I change my user name, password, or contact information?
Click the "Your Account" text link at the very top of every page. This will take you to a form which is filled in with the information you submitted when you signed up (or from the information received from the School District website). Change any information and click the "Update Account Information" button.

How can I print fine/fee and purchase ledgers for my student?
Click the "Your Students" button. Select a student from your list. On the right of the page, select "View receipt ledger" or "View fine/fee ledger" from the list of links. This will open a pop-up window listing all fines or all receipts for the selected student. Click the "Print This Report" text link at the top to print out the fine/fee or receipt ledger.

How can I purchase items which are available to my students?
Click the "Your Students" button. Select a student from your list. On the right of the page, select "Products available to Your Student" from the list of links. This will take you to a page displaying only products available to the selected student.

Why was my credit or debit card declined?
If your card has been declined, please ensure that:

  • your credit card is either a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card. Note: bank cards and check guarantee cards are not accepted.
  • your card has an expiration date of the current month or later
  • your credit card number has been entered correctly (no dashes or spaces)
  • the address associated with the card matches the address you've entered into the form
  • the 3-digit security code on the back of your card is entered correctly.




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